2.0Ah Shrub Shear Battery

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Produced to power the CHT2001E Shrub/Grass shears. This battery will run for up to 70 minutes on a single charge, and can be fully charged in 3.5 hours with the CCH0450E charger.

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Our compact shrub/grass shears are ideal for everyday garden maintenance. The shrub blade will shape and maintain smaller hedges and ornamental trees, and the grass trimmer blade will tackle areas of grass which mowers can't reach. To keep these small but mighty cordless shears going, the CBA0240 12V lithium-ion battery plugs into the bottom, to allow a run time up to 70 minutes. The battery, which is 2.0Ah, is simple to plug-in and take out, and the tool as a whole with the battery inserted weighs only 1.1kg. 
Tension12 V
Type d’alimentation de la batterieLithium-ion
Courant de décharge continu max.20 A
Capacité de la batterie2 Ah
Énergie de la batterie24 W
Configuration de la batterie3S1P
Nombre de cellules de batterie3
Connexion BLENon
Connexion Wi-FiNon
Longueur de la batterie (mm) max.79
Largeur de la batterie (mm) max.52
Hauteur de la batterie (mm) max.48
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